I am Positive

Yesterday was by far one of the worst days I have had in a long time. It revolved largely around work and I spent most of the day fighting to not fall apart. Then at 8:30pm my phone rang. The call display showed Canadian Blood Services. “Oh no,” I thought. Continue reading “I am Positive”


On Being Creageous

rtp_logo_325It has been quite a while since I posted to my blog, but I’ve been busy writing nonetheless. I had the great opportunity to be a Creageous guest writer on the Roundtable Podcast. I have really enjoyed listening since I discovered it several months ago and was thrilled when Dave Robison offered to have me on. Continue reading “On Being Creageous”

Today is awesome. Here’s why: Your World is Doomed!

The Ed Greenwood Shield

Today is the day that kicks off a number of exciting announcements by The Archmage Ed Greenwood at Onder Librum – the vitural home of The Ed Greenwood Group. And guess what? I’m a member!

The announcements begin with the unveiling of Hellmaw and Your World is Doomed! by Ed Greenwood
Continue reading “Today is awesome. Here’s why: Your World is Doomed!”